I quit my job last week, then was called in for jury duty on Tuesday. Between those events, I discovered that my closet had become infested with moths. I think I first noticed this on Friday, though I’d seen a moth here or there before that and just hoped/assumed it was the non-sweater-eating…

Just catching up on my Girls In Hoodies pods only to learn there’s no more phloxlombardi! I was sad, but then I read this. #GoTessGo

This will be the Zapruder tape for people investigating the murder of Mariah Carey's 5 octave range, ESPECIALLY the moment at 2:38. Meep!


sometimes you don’t need porn, you just need to watch meg white in the right performance of “Blue Orchid” and call it a day.

Meg is pure sex. Damn, I miss the White Stripes.